Cheap Computer Desktop – 4 Things to Consider When Buying Cheap

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If you are in the market for a new computer, odds all our that you are looking for the best bargain that money can buy. often, many retail chains of computer stores will offer phenomenal bargains on some of their best desktop computers. If you are looking for a cheap computer desktop, there are a few things to consider before purchasing the least expensive computer available. These 4 things are the computer’s memory, the power supply, the monitor, and of course the CPU. These four things are among the most important components of a computer and you must make sure they are of top quality even if you are only looking for a cheap computer desktop.

There are two forms of memory to consider on a computer. One is in the form of RAM which is an acronym for read only memory. This is the memory that is used by the computer as it is doing everyday processes. the other form of memory is found in your hard drive. This is where you store all of your files, pictures, and software programs associated with your computer. If you are going to purchase a cheap computer desktop, be sure that you have enough RAM to run all of your programs and that you have enough memory on your hard drive to store all of the files, pictures, and programs that you will need.

The power supply of your computer is a very essential part of a functional computer system. With laptop computers, the battery power is very essential, especially for those that are traveling. They need to be able to hold long charges that will enable them to work for longer periods of time when people are not able to charge their backup battery. With a cheap computer desktop, it is essential that your plug-in power supply is not cheap. Cheap power supplies tend to be faulty and may even cause severe damage to your computer or home due to poor construction.

The next thing to consider is your monitor. Without a quality monitor, depending upon your daily activities, it can become a burden to stare at a monitor that does not have a high enough resolution for your needs. Typically when purchasing a cheap computer desktop, you run the possibility of acquiring a monitor that is of very poor quality. make sure to test drive the computer before purchasing it and use it so that you can see the degree of resolution that the monitor offers. Do this before making the purchase to save yourself the headache of returning the cheap computer desktop later.

Lastly, you need to be sure that the CPU, or the central processing unit of your computer is installed in a way so that it is adequately cooled. Without proper cooling from a fan within the desktop itself, you run the risk of overheating the CPU, which is the brain of your computer. make sure that your desktop tower has an adequate cooling system to ensure safe and uninterrupted functioning.

If you are able to find a cheap desktop computer that has passed all 4 of the prerequisites covered, and the price is right, it is probably a very good decision to purchase this computer for your needs. Finding a cheap computer desktop can be a very difficult and arduous task, but if you wait long enough the right desktop computer will inevitably come your way.

How to Hack Your iPod: Six Great iPod hacks

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The iPod is a deeply personal device. the music, contacts, calendars and notes you store on it reveal a lot about your personality. from playcounts to playlists, our iPods can tell others what we enjoy, how we think and even who we are. but if you truly want to transform your iPod into an engine of extreme personal expression, why not customise it?

Hacking your iPod – whether it’s modding the case, installing custom software, or tearing it up and doubling the memory – can transform the ubiquitous music and media player into something unique.

Note: You should be aware that trying any of these tricks carries the risk of ruining your device.

1.Penguin power

iPod Linux is the essential hack, table stakes for many of the other hacks you might want to try. It fully supports iPods in generations 1-3, and has been successfully installed on all others with a display. You should grab ‘Podzilla’, which will add a graphical interface to iPod Linux. There are multiple versions of Podzilla available from which to choose. Once installed, iPod Linux and Podzilla will let you boot your iPod to a barebones Linux mode. Furthermore, it will serve as the foundation for many other hacks.

2.Wikipedia on the go

Everyone loves Wikipedia. It’s free, user-built encyclopaedia with entries on more topics than Britannica. It’s a great information resource, but what if you’re away from your desk? Now, you can get it on your iPod and carry Wikipedia with you everywhere you go. Unfortunately, it’s not yet available for all models of iPods; nano and video users are left out for now, and since there’s no display on the iPod shuffle, there’s no point in installing Wikipedia. first, you will need to install iPod Linux.

3.Double your memory

Not content with the 4GB of memory on your iPod nano? Why not double it. first, you’ll need to buy a broken nano from eBay. Crack it open and remove the memory. then open up your working nano, solder the memory chip from the broken nano to the empty pad in the working one, seal it back up, and perform a factory reset. You’ll now have a working nano with 7.2GB of space.

4.Mobile movies on the go

Transfer movies on DVDs to your iPod easily and free using a free software (HandBrake) available for both Mac and Windows. be warned though: unless you use an analogue capture method, it’s illegal to rip DVDs you own onto your iPod.

For Mac (and Linux) users, get a free copy of HandBrake. Handbrake is already available as a Universal binary – good news for those who have a new MacBook, Mac mini, or imac – and can rip video from DVD directly to MPEG-4 video, the format you’ll need to watch it on your iPod. Windows users need to make a few extra steps. get a DVD ripping program such as DVDFab Decrypter or DVD Decrypter. Convert your video to AVI using a decoding tool. Finally, convert the AVI file into MPEG-4 video that can play on your iPod using Videora iPod Converter.

5.iPod to TV

Want to watch content from your iPod on your TV? You can easily do so by purchasing a 15 iPod AV cable from Apple or use a standard mini-jack to three-plug RCA cable. these cables cost between 7-10 from outlets such as Maplins ( Set your iPod to output to TV, plug in the cable via the mini-jack, and plug the RCA connections into a TV using a non-standard setup. Apple outputs the iPod’s video to the red cable – rather than the traditional yellow. So you’ll want to plug the red cable into the video (yellow) plug on your TV, the yellow cable into the white plug, and the white cable into the red plug. this is an easy hack that anyone with an iPod can try.

6.Pac attack

Thanks to iPodMAME, you can play Pac-Man on your iPod. this hack will install a version of MAME, the arcade game emulator program, on your iPod. As with the Wikipedia hack, iPodMAME requires that you first install iPod Linux. the program comes with romsets (the set of files including all the game data) including one for Pac-Man. PodMAME should work with any iPod with a colour screen.

The AMD 6990. Uber Video Card

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Do you always have to have the fastest, always want the best. Do you have a spare $700 floating around to spend on a video card? well AMD has just released the AMD 6990 and it ticks ALL the boxes, it is the new king of video cards.

With 4 Gig of Ram shared between 2 video chips – graphics processing units – this is a serious beast of a video card. Hell I know of many desktop machines that don’t have that much memory in total. there are 5 video ports to drive 5 displays. more importantly this card will drive your ultra hi-def monitor – 2560 x 1600 resolution, actually this card could drive two of these ultra hi-res monitors.

If you have a desktop case or even a normalish sized case you can forget about this card. At just over 30cm long – 12inches – this card needs lots of space in your case. Even with an Antec 183 – an extremely large case – a drive cage needs to be removed to accommodate the video card. Power also needs to be considered before buying a card like this. in overclock mode this card will use 450W, so an 800W power supply is going to be a necessity.

The Turbo button is back, AMD calls it the “Antilles Unlocking Switch for Uber Mode” AUSUM or Uber Mode. several things happen when your 6990 cards goes into Uber mode. The base GPU clock speed rises to 880MHz, the core voltage rises from 1.12V to 1.175V, the board’s Power limit is raised to 450W and it gets this mean look on its face.

So obviously this isn’t a card most people, this is the sort of card you build a new system around, this card will demand a lot of a system. You will need the latest CPU to be able to get the most out of this card, top of the line Intel Core i7 CPU is recommended.

What does all of this power get you ? on games. Try 100 frames a second on most games even at extreme resolutions like Ultra Hi-Def. never having to worry about what graphics level to choose, just turn everything up to the max and enjoy.

This is the ultimate bad ass video card. It’s loud -58.5db under load -, runs hot but its also the fastest damn video card money can buy. if you have the resources and right setup to slot it into then this is as good as it gets at the moment.

64-Bit Operating System – Do I Need One?

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Have you been considering upgrading to a 64-bit operating system? 64-bit operating systems are en vogue, but do you know why? Can your computer run a 64-bit operating system (or OS)? If so, what are the advantages and disadvantages of running a 64-bit OS?

To run a 64-bit OS, your computer must have a 64-bit processor. most modern processors are 64-bit capable. the other hardware in your computer must also be usable with a 64-bit OS. Generally this isn’t a limitation of the hardware itself but rather the driver–or the software that tells your computer how to use a particular hardware device–that may not be available for a 64-bit OS. Check with the hardware manufacturer to see if 64-bit drivers are available for your devices before considering updating to a 64-bit operating system.

The first major difference between 32 and 64-bit OSes is how much memory–or RAM–each OS variant can access. 32-bit operating systems are only able to use a maximum of 4 Gigabytes of RAM. This is a technical limitation of 32-bit architecture.

64-bit OSes are able to utilize much, much more RAM. A 64-bit OS can theoretically utilize up to 16EB (exabytes) of memory. This limit is currently unattainable and thus major CPU manufacturers have placed a soft-limit on the amount of RAM the processor can use. This soft-limit is more than can currently physically be placed in any home computer or server. This is likely to change over the next several years.

The software you’re currently using on your 32-bit OS will most likely run fine on a 64-bit operating system. however, many software applications now come in a 64-bit version as well. the 64-bit version will almost certainly perform better than the 32-bit version of the same software. it is worth noting that 64-bit software will not run on a 32-bit system.

So is it worth it to upgrade? That depends on what you’re doing. If you’re a gamer then the answer is a resounding yes. Gamers will see tremendous benefit from having more than 4GB of RAM at their system’s disposal. Expect the ability to run games with high video quality settings enabled–assuming your video card can handle it.

If you’re doing any kind of video or photo editing then you will also see modest performance gains from switching to a 64-bit operating system. Video encoding will be considerably faster. most commercial-grade photo editing software comes in 64-bit versions now. Working with large datasets where you would normally run out of physical RAM will now be faster due to the ability to use more RAM.

It’s important to note that applications won’t necessarily be faster merely because they’re running on a 64-bit operating system. A 32-bit version of an application running on a 64-bit operating system will likely be slightly–nearly imperceptibly–slower. however a 64-bit application running on a 64-bit system will almost always be faster. This becomes even more true when running memory-hungry applications.

Amazing Race Birthday Party – Reality TV Makes For an Unreal Event For Your Kids

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My favorite memory from summer camp was the Howdy Olympics.It was a series of competitions at Camp Howdy that culminated with an amazing race-styled team challenge.I still remember the details of the challenge – row a boat from one end of the camp to the other, run from the dock through a forest following clues, go through the ropes course, find the Howdy flag hidden behind one of the cabins, then sprint back to the assembly area for the finish.the combination of mental, physical and interpersonal skills, the variability of the challenges, and the time pressure of the competition made it truly exciting.

The Amazing race TV show is built on the same ideas.and parents who want to create this kind of challenge for their kids’ birthday parties can sometimes pull off the greatest of events.One needs to remember, however, that reality TV is not, in fact, reality.They have production crews, craft services, abundant support staff and, most importantly, editors.the fast-paced adventure on TV sets the expectation for the home party planner and without the production crew – with just mom and dad – the home version runs the risk of having a lot of dead time and, quite possibly, a lot of confusion.

Presented here are some major caveats to the planner of an amazing race style birthday party and well as some specific ideas on how to prepare and execute such an event.

1. plan Plan Plan

The most important advice is to plan every minute of the event for every participant.While this may seem impossible, the alternative is that participants find a lot of down time and the essential fast-paced aspect of the party is lost.the key to ensuring every minute is used is to line up competition activities in sequence and place an open-ended activity at the end.As an example, if participants have to race through an orienteering activity, then line that up against a treasure hunt where they find hidden candy.the candy need not be part of the overall race, but obviously the more time they have to search, the more candy they get.

Have a written schedule of events (i.e. a run sheet) that lists the time in 5 or 10 minute increments down the left column, and adjacent columns for each group of participants and for the organizers of the event.the run sheet is your operating manual for the event, and in creating it you should be able to recognize where problems might arise.the run sheet will also show you where each person should be at any given time.

2. break event into rounds

Even the most carefully planned event can run into problems, so contain those problems by breaking the event into rounds.doing so is likely to limit unforeseen problems to the current round, and then you can get back on track at the start of the next keep the competition flowing through the rounds, you will need to keep score and have a plan for communicating the score to all the participants every so often.

3. Write instructions

Don’t allow yourself to get in a situation where you have to answer a million questions.It is a lot quicker and easier to hand over an envelope than it is to explain things to kids or show them how to do things or where to go.Written instructions must be clear and simple.

4. Keep all the participants in the game

Kids give up.If you run a competition with kids and your kids have a range of mental and physical skills, then it is likely that some kids will succeed more often than others, and one of the classic coping strategies kids use to avoid losing is giving keep all participants in the game, build in some competitions that are based on chance rather than skill.

These four caveats are the guiding principles of the Amazing Chase kids’ party plans available at you plan from scratch or purchase a party plan that is ready to go, an amazing race party is one of the most ambitious and most rewarding events you can produce for your kids. Further information can be found at

‘Touch screen laptop computer’, nicholsmarlon’s blog message on Netlog

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Sunday, 19 February 2012 at 12:39

For the reason that touchscreen mobile computing devices become more popular, costs should come down and more software apps are going to be compatible with touch screen technologies.When purchasing a touch screen computer, all of the other variables that typically come up stay the same. You need to get a system with an above average fast cpu, a good amount of memory, a big hard drive, lots of Usb ports, a card reader, a DVD writer, Wifi capabilities, etcetera.Just remember that you don’t have to purchase a laptop computer just because of its touchscreen capabilities. Make sure to check all the features you’ll need for computing purposes will work fine.Touchscreen mobile computers make a good investment for individuals that would really like laptop computers with more efficiency with regards to input. The touchscreen features several positive aspects for lots of people and the interface is a lot more intuitive than ordinary laptop computers.Touch screen mobile computers are becoming extremely popular these days. There are touch-screen tablets available for sale too. Touch screen units ordinarily have a heavier price tag than the versions with no touch functionality. however, it is well worth spending a few extra dollars to enjoy the seamless efficiency associated with touchscreen mobile computers.Depending on the use, the touchscreen laptop has proven to meet the requirements of countless people in every field of the workforce. these are merely some of the individuals who use touch screen laptop computers in their work:- Teachers find many uses for a touch screen laptop computer since their work has to be completed in several locations.- College students find the usage of a touch screen notebook to be less complicated for note taking and research .- Technical engineers like the simplicity with which a touchscreen can take input while being held in a standing position.- Medical professionals are finding countless uses since patient data must be protected for compliance with government rules.- Traveling professionals state the need of a touchscreen display and a computer keyboard to deal with all the circumstances in which the laptop computer may be used efficiently.While online research may show specific truths in regards to a brand name and their most widely used touch screen laptop products, the easiest method to pick the version that most closely fits your requirements is to use one.Ask close friends and colleagues to use their touch screen laptop in different locations and evaluate each characteristic. look meticulously at the physical construction of the unit and be aware just how easily the display is tilted and folded back. Talk to each owner and ask for an honest review of their personal computer as well as what they would change. Observe how each person utilizes their computer and the required steps to compensate for every model’s restrictions.Immediately after gathering enough input, visit a retailer that sells touch screen laptop products. Skilled salespeople can provide useful feedback, but could possibly oversell the product that isn’t selling at anticipated levels. Use all the information supplied by other individuals for making the final decision between the manufacturers and models, and then embark on a pursuit to find the best price.Remember to optimize the hardware configuration just before purchase therefore the performance will come across your anticipations.Touch screen laptop

Find out what’s inside your computer with Speccy

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What’s inside your computer? if like a lot of people you’re not entirely sure, then Speccy is a useful and easy-to-use program.

Installation is just a case of downloading the file and clicking a couple of buttons – you’ll have the software up and running in a matter of seconds. from there, the main screen told us everything we needed to know about the inside of our computer.

Details of the operating system, the processor, the memory, motherboard, graphics, hard disks, optical drive and audio devices are all clearly displayed. Speccy even told us how hot certain components were – while writing this review our processor was a cool and consistent 27C.

To the left of this summary screen is the main menu, with clickable options for all of the things mentioned above. Clicking on each item will display a bewildering amount of information about each component and aspect of the computer. the information is useful for finding out the exact specification of the computer, which can come in handy when adding new components and upgrading.

For those less confident with computer innards and specs, there is little explanation about what all the numbers and jargon means, however.

Primary Manual In Order To Selecting A Individual Laptop Computer With Regard To Home Utilize

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Computer systems experienced turn out to be a part of human being life. whenever laptop computers arrived to the actual picture this provided much more comfort to a lot of individuals. using a laptop computer in your own home is extremely standard these days; it’s being a home title these days. if you’re eyeing for any individual laptop computer which can handle multi-purpose work, listed here are the actual couple of elements that you ought to consider.

Display Dimension: considering the fact that you are searching for the laptop computer to become utilized in your own home, a person may as well think about the types along with larger display. You’ll need to not be worried about portability because you won’t make it outdoors frequently. using a 17-inch laptop computer in your own home is going to be great for viewing films in your own home.

Storage: Computer programs these days need larger MEMORY dimension particularly video games. In the event that you will set up COMPUTER video games onto it, be sure you possess a minimum of 2GB associated with MEMORY.

Storage space: with regard to house laptop computer you should look at a large space for storage. You’ll anticipate numerous documents to become saved with this laptop computer, documents such as your own wedding ceremony photos or even movies, films, songs and many more. it is advisable to obtain a laptop computer along with possibly 320GB hard disk or even 400GB hard disk.

Online connectivity: you do not would like numerous cables close to your home correct? Usually think about a laptop computer along with cellular abilities such as Wireless bluetooth as well as Wi-Fi. Additionally, getting cellular online connectivity as well as Wireless bluetooth can make this easier as well as much less demanding whenever needing to proceed or even connect with additional gear in your own home.

Over would be the common recommendations within purchasing a laptop computer for the house. Right now the following component may deal with regarding particular make of laptop computers, manufacturers that could match the actual group of a house laptop computer.

Dell: this is among the large titles within the laptop computer business by having an superb background. The very best laptop computer with regard to house use within Dell’s manufacturer product line ought to be the Dell Facilities. The actual Dell Facilities includes a 17″ display edition ideal for house make use of. And you’ll not really be worried about another specifications simply because within their web site these people allow personalize the actual laptop computer. you select exactly what movie greeting card, MEMORY as well as hard disk to make use of.

HEWLETT PACKARD: this really is an additional great manufacturer within the laptop computer marketplace. The actual HEWLETT PACKARD G70t is really a laptop computer greatest with regard to house make use of. this sports activities the 17″ display and it is components will also be easy to customize. Similar to the prior manufacturer you

Primary Manual In Order to Selecting A Individual Laptop Computer with Regard to Home Utilize

The ‘Guts’ of a Computer CPU

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If you have ever wondered what makes your personal computer function, it is the computer CPU or central processing unit. This is a chip that is actually mounted or embedded onto the system or mother board of your personal computer. It is the component within your computer that drives or directs all the other components combined to form a personal computer.

Some people refer to the computer CPU as the processor. Which makes sense since it is the component that processes all the instructions and data going through your personal computer. the central processing unit actually contains several components within itself. They include registers that store specific information or results internally or locally within the CPU, arithmetic and logic unit (ALU) that performs all the logical and arithmetic functions, a control unit, and cache to speed access to memory and other components.

In all fairness the ALU is actually the foundation or building block of the computer CPU. These can be very simplistic to handle basic routines such as timers or can be extremely complex and coordinate the function and operation of scientific computers, graphics processors or advanced internet applications and components. the more advanced the application the more complex the ALU to handle the application.

While handling all the data and processes within your personal computer, the computer CPU also directs traffic or the operation of all the other components within your computer such as hard drives, network cards, graphics boards, video and audio cards, modems and memory. It sends signals or instructions to all these other components through buses, which are actually wires connecting the various components. through all these connections, components, wires, operating systems, applications and instructions, the central processing unit is the core for your entire computer. It is essentially what makes your computer, a computer.

With Windows on your iPad, laptops may soon be history

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With Windows on your iPad, laptops may soon be history

It looks like the beginning of the end of the laptop. Getty Images.

By Binoo K John

There is something very touchable about the tablet computer. It’s vulnerable, loves to be touched and changes character just with a swipe.

But the main problem tablet owners face is the lack of software they are familiar with – the software they use on their personal computers and laptops.  This major hitch is likely to be solved for iPad users from 12 January when Windows software, including the familiar MS Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), becomes available on the tablet.

The application (app) that allows this is made by Onlive. It is currently free and legal and can be downloaded to the tablet desktop. What the app does is stream an image of a remote Windows desktop to the iPad, according to reports out on Wednesday in various journals. Since it is streamed to your desktop, you don’t actually own that Windows edition and so you will not have to pay for it. Later on, though, you may have to pay for the app.

All the files you create with the Office suite, like Word or Excel, will be stored or hosted in the cloud on Onlive’s servers. So the limited memory of many iPads will not be a big issue. soon 50 GB of cloud storage will be on offer for a professional model of the Windows app.

Tablets so far have not been used for professional jobs like writing out proposals or PowerPoint presentations. The iPad uses Apple’s proprietary software. Neither Word, which most PC or laptop owners use, nor Excel or PowerPoint, three of the most used software, are available on the iPad and most other tablets. The iPad also does not have a USB port, making it impossible to add memory or even use other hardware to push programmes into the tablet.

With the Onlive app, many experts believe that the iPad will become an Office-friendly computer.  if this app works well and is accepted by the public, then Apple’s famed “walled garden” will be gatecrashed by other popular software apps too. Apple will also benefit because they take a 30 percent commission on all priced apps available on the iTunes store, the one-stop shop for all purchases on Apple computers.

It, therefore, looks like the beginning of the end of the laptop, assuming the app becomes popular and if iPad and other tablets work  well with this interface.  People will definitely prefer to carry a tablet instead of a laptop.

So far it was presumed that the personal computer would take a hit if tablets become popular, but it is increasingly becoming clear that it is the laptop that will face the brunt of the rise of the tablet.

In India, the iPad is used either as a plaything by those who can afford it or by lawyers – who use it as a working tool. huge documents can be stored on the iPad and easily accessed by touch and swipe in the courtroom. you can even go to the exact page number by touch. For example, the huge battery of  lawyers in Delhi working on 2G scam cases now carry iPads to court. The reason: the chargesheet is 80,000 pages long. This chargesheet, in PDF form, can be uploaded on the iPad through the iTunes store in your personal computer. Once the iPad is connected to your PC through the jack, the iTunes store automatically opens up.

So, clearly, if the Word too is available in tablets, then other professionals can use it like a laptop, though it is not clear how easily a file can be attached through this app or what the weight of such files can be.

Windows and Apple have had a running battle over control of computer software worldwide. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had a love-hate relationship though they also formed a mutual admiration society.

Apps are the newest things in software with hundreds of software companies trying to develop apps  which will integrate various software into the iPad and other devices. “Apps allowed the Apple platform to be sort of open, in a very controlled way, to outside developers who wanted to create software and content for it—open, that is, like a carefully curated gated community garden,” writes Walter Isaacson in his biography of Steve Jobs.

Jobs initially was not in favour of apps, which most of his think-tank were advocating. He wanted quality control and that became possible when it was suggested that all apps could be downloaded only from the iTunes store. Apple checks out software before it can be made available on the iTunes store.

Which is how it will happen with the Windows app as well. if the  streaming app works well, then  tablets are set for a major boost and could cut into the laptop market – if it hasn’t already. So far people with the iPad could not do without a laptop due to Windows software.

Tablets are also set to take over the e-reader market in India. E-readers are not big in India because reading is not a national obsession while talking non-stop is.

An Amazon app for PCs makes it possible for books to be bought and downloaded on your PC or tablet. The big advantage of an e-reader is that it is not back-lit and hence very good for reading books without hurting the eye. also, an e-reader battery can last for a whole week as many programmes do not run at the back.

In India so far, tablets have been bought as gadgets where reading books is not the main purpose. Digital libraries have not been making big sales in India. with tablet sales soaring, that should change.

(Binoo John was till recently vice-president of Wink e-reader )

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