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Time Management with Rescue Time

how do we spend time when we are on computers? Sometimes not as efficiently as we intend. Rescue Time records the time spent using applications and browsing websites. a free account comes with a 30-minute delay, or for $6 a month have immediate reports and bonus features including the ability to block the time-wasters to maintain productivity. Learn more at

Don’t turn off a warm laptop

if your laptop is running hot, do not turn it off immediately. your fans need to remain active to help the laptop cool off slowly. instead, dim the screen to darkness, turn off the wireless connection and wait several minutes, if not half an hour, to let the fans cool the machine.

Lean back with Youtube

Browse Youtube in a layout similar to Digital TV services, like Hulu or Netflix, by going to if you connect your laptop or computer to a flat screen TV, this may improve your browsing experience.

The Power of Google Docs

Google Documents can open any text file, whether it’s from an Apple or Windows computer, and convert it for you. if someone sends you a format that you can’t open, open it with Google Docs to have it converted in seconds. From there, you can save the file as a PDF, among other options. also, the file is stored in your Google account, and you can invite others to view, edit, or leave comments and footnotes it by email. 

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