Tekken Producer Interested in Idea of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo Joining to Create One Console

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Category: Gaming Posted: August 9, 2012 01:46AM Author: bp9801

The game director and chief producer of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada, has a rather grand vision of the future of gaming. In an interview, Harada believes it would be best if Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo joined forces to create one game console instead of each having a separate one. Harada said for the longest time the game industry was able to control the way people play games. Game consoles were the only way for people to play games, but that has changed with the advent of computer, browser, and mobile gaming. People are no longer tied down to how they play games, and Harada thinks the gaming industry needs to adapt.

Sony already started adapting when it removed region locking on the PlayStation 3, which Harada said put the company ahead of the curve. if the big three do join forces, I imagine we will see a lot more innovations like that. Harada elaborated the possibilities would be "endless" if the big three worked on one console together, and the very thought of that makes him happy. hopefully something like this can come about, however it will more than likely be years down the road.

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