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It may be an alien to a lot of people but computer towers for sale are just about anywhere either online or on technology stores. Heck, computer towers for sale are also in our homes. That’s because it is not known as such. when I say computer tower, what I really mean is the outside case that houses a computer’s hardware components. You know what I mean already, right? of course a computer tower not only stores these devices, but lets you access them as well. without external access, you wouldn’t be able to plug in your flash drives and your dvds.

Because of innovation, computer cases for sale come in different sizes and shapes and are made of different materials including steel, plastic and aluminum. You may already have an idea that what I’m talking about is the central processing unit but no. the cpu is the system, the computer tower is the home of the cpu, motherboard along with other things which make the pc work.

The HP Pavilion has an amazing computer tower on it. this computer tower is one of the thinnest computer towers around.

Ebay, Nextag, Best Buy or PC World or even Walmart, you name it, they have computer towers for sale and just at the right price.

A computer tower made by Dell might cost you in the neighborhood of 200 dollars. however, a computer tower made by Compaq could cost you twice as much. Apple computer towers are generally much more than both Dell and Compaq combined.

All in one computer cases can also be purchased. these are called all-in-one because the tower contains everything including the monitor. Remember that computer towers were known as the CPU because it is considered the husband of the monitor, which is the wife. but great minds thought that why do we have to lag two different items when it can be just one item. this is why the laptop was invented and now, the all-in-one computer towers.

But I always wonder why experts and inventors don’t innovate more and make an “angry bird” looking computer tower or put the CPU in a form of a spider-man.

I hate looking at my computer tower, it’s so boring. I’ve decorated my computer tower with lights and stuffed animals. around it, I also posted pictures of the people and dogs that I love.

This is why the Apple brand is so hot because they make useful things look good. It’s like having a guy who is so smart but doesn’t look the part, you just want to leave him at home.

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