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If you are having a tough time deciding on which career path to take, you are not alone. while it is important to consider your interests, goals, desires and limitations, there are literally thousands of employment options available. You could receive conflicting information from all sides, making the decision-making process seem overwhelming.

Perhaps if you knew which careers are quickly growing, you would feel more confident in choosing a specific career path. The U.S. Department of Labor has recently published some good, solid statistical information about the fastest-growing careers today, as well as careers that are expected to experience steady growth far into the future.

When you look at the top ten fastest-growing career fields, you will see two general areas that have risen to the top: Health Care and Computers. Predictions by the U.S. Department of Labor for growth in the next decade list seven careers that are related to health care, and three careers that are in the field of computers.

The single fastest-growing career field today is easy to guess when you consider our rapidly-aging population and the breakdown of traditional family ties. If you guessed the profession of Home Health Aide (also known as Personal Support Worker), you would be right. Home Health Care is currently number one, and is expected to stay at the top of the list well into the next decade.

The professions of Medical Assistant and Physician Assistant are also high on the list. With the vast numbers of people who are living well past retirement age and the increasing need for excellent health care services, this is no surprise. Also included in the top ten are Physical Therapy Assistants, Dental Hygienists, Dental Assistants, and Personal Home Care Aides.

Several computer-related fields are high on the list, which is fairly predictable as our continuing fascination with computers and computer technologies is also expanding. A bachelor’s degree in Network Systems or Database Technology could take you a long way into the future, as the businesses of today exercise their preference for well-trained network systems and data communications analysts.

Another computer-related field that is growing quickly would be Computer Software Engineering. You would do well to complete a bachelor degree in software engineering to become a specialist in applications of computer software or a systems software expert. so, if you are interested in the field of Computer Information Systems, this career path could net you an annual salary of $50,000 or more.

Of course, no one would base their career decision entirely on statistics predicting professions that will experience rapid growth. it is probably more important to consider your skills and abilities, the length of time and amount of tuition you can commit to a college degree or certificate, and your overall goals for the future. But, every drop of information you learn can help you to choose a career path that will offer personal rewards as well as a lifetime of steady employment.

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