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Computer is not a new thing these days. It is getting cheaper day by day, so there will be more people using computer for their daily needs. there are a lot of good advantages of using computer in life. All of the administration matters will be able to be done fast by using the technology in the computer. the documents will be safely saved. Additionally, it will be very easy to print the document. Life is a lot more uncomplicated by the use of computer. there are things that help you in dealing with computer.

Computer consists of two parts. they are computer’s hardware and software. Computer’s hardware includes CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse and many other things that support the use of computer. Computer’s software is the programs that relates with data. It acts as the neuron. the instructions that you give will be able to be run by the help of the software. Programs and data are also included in the software. there are a lot of data that is compiled in it. the computer processes the data with the system in the software. for further explanation, you can find procedures, programs, documentation and algorithms in this brain.

As it is explained above, the meaning of software can be called as an assortment of programs computer that passes the instruction to do anything that you order. but actually, it is also connected with other things such as records, tapes and films. It gives the easier operation to the computer. People will save more time to work by the help of computer with its hardware and software programs. People are welcomed to learn more about them. hopefully, the sufficient information and knowledge about them will give you the easier way of working. Then, you will be able to work effectively and efficiently.

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