Tips and Tricks to Avoid Laptop Theft

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Your laptop is where you invest your secrets, in the form of data of course. The cyber verse and technological realm is full of all sorts of menaces and perils such as bugs, viruses, cell phone spyware, computer monitoring and the list goes on.

And while most of us are busy combating these irksome annoyances as a part of our daily cell phone diet, we tend to forget that there are other ways that someone can get at our personal and professional data… by simply stealing the laptop itself.

No matter what amount of internal security you may have come up with and managed , even if your laptop is a fortress of locks, passwords, and security, there always remains a high possibility that after theft, whatever information has been stored will be compromised one way or the other. And let’s not even go into how much money that would result in a loss of.

So having said that it’s important that we all focus on keeping the actual physical laptop safe too. Internal security will follow, or at the very least will be kept off the streets—quite literally too. so here are some simple tips and tricks to make sure those thieves don’t get their hands on your important device.

1.       Avoid being targeted.Think of yourself as an undercover agent and that you need to remain aloof and on your guard all the time. this may sound very ‘Bond’ and reek of espionage but it actually works that way.  Do not carry your laptop around in your hands while you travel when it can be avoided, especially while using train, bus or any other public transport. if you aren’t using it then keep it tucked away safely in a backpack. There is really no reason it should be out.

2.       Always keep it under lock and key. Even if you are at your office, in your home, or working from a hotel that your company paid for, you still need to keep your laptop locked up. A security locker is a good choice. if you think that is too difficult to get a hold on then invest on a laptop security cable. all you need to do is attach one end to your laptop and the other to an immovable piece of furniture like the table or the desk you work on.

3.       Keep computer monitoring software on your laptop. In the event that your laptop is stolen (though hopefully with these tips the chances of that occurring will dwindle down to zero) and your security is compromised, then at least with the help of monitoring software you may be able to keep track of what happens on your system and possible identify where it has ended up. And if you are in a fully fledged vengeance mode, there is always the option of hunting down the thief with blackmail, cops, and so on.

Laptop security is important simply so that you could keep your confidential information exactly that; confidential. but of course there is more to it than that. You have invested time and money into a device that you rely on for work, entertainment, storage, socializing, and the list goes on. so of course, we need to be responsible and look after our own things and not remain ignorantly unaware of the reality of theft.

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Natalia David, an author significantly contributes towards computer monitoring software, cell phone spy software and keystroke logger. if you want to know more about Natalia you can follow her on twitter @NataliaDavid4

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