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Mergers, consolidation, operating system upgrades and various other changes can leave you with excess computer equipment to sell. it may prove difficult to find individual buyers for these computers and their accessories, especially if some of the devices are in need of repair. A more efficient alternative is to contact a local or national firm that specializes in purchasing used computers.

Computer Wholesalers, inc.

CWI is a well-established business that buys computer hardware from large companies and organizations. it operates office and warehouse facilities in Arizona and New Jersey. provides a form that you can use to request quotes. the company professionally refurbishes computers and sells them on, eBay and this effective strategy enables CWI to offer relatively generous payments for used computer equipment.

Capitol Asset Recovery

This company purchases used computers from nonprofit organizations, government agencies and businesses. Like CWI, it refurbishes computer hardware and directly sells the equipment to customers. it also offers a consignment option. if necessary, Capitol Asset Recovery will thoroughly remove labels and hard drive data from computers that they purchase. the company is headquartered in Beltsville, Maryland. it also operates offices in Alexandria, Virginia and London, England.

Action Computers, inc.

ACI runs two computer stores in Arvada and Denver, Colorado. it also sells products on eBay. anyone can bring a used computer to one of the stores and exchange it for cash or credit. They buy mobile devices like iPhones and iPads as well. the firm’s website states that ACI is willing to purchase computers in large or small quantities. if necessary, an employee will visit your home or office and pick up the used computer equipment.

A1A Computing

This company in Los Angeles primarily buys used Apple computers and peripherals. it provides quotes via email, so sellers needn’t visit the store to find out if A1A will offer an adequate price. the company specializes in selling Apple notebook computers, hard disk drives and memory. it appears to offer a desirable option for local individuals and small businesses with Macintosh computers or Apple monitors to sell.

Gadget Salvation caters to people who need to sell lightweight computer items. it buys used notebook and tablet computers. the company also purchases cellphones, MP3 players, video game systems and other electronics. Gadget Salvation covers all shipping costs. after receiving a device, it either pays the quoted amount or returns the item. it offers check and PayPal payments. the company was established in 2008; it is based in Illinois.

Computer Oasis

This store in southern Florida purchases notebook and desktop computers from local residents. it accepts equipment that works properly or needs repair. As of July 2012, Computer Oasis will only buy PCs with Pentium IV or faster processors. Its website does not state a preference with regard to AMD or VIA processors. Computer Oasis upgrades, repairs and sells computers. the store primarily offers Windows PCs.

Spartan Computers

This company operates two computer stores in York and Columbia, Pennsylvania. Spartan Computers purchases equipment from individuals and businesses in the local area. it buys working and defunct notebook computers, according to the firm’s website. the company also offers a free electronic recycling service. this helps local residents and businesses to safely dispose of computer systems that no longer retain any value.

IT Asset Management Group

ITAMG buys computers, monitors and other equipment from corporations throughout the United States and Canada. it is a large company that has the ability to liquidate all of the computer hardware in an office building or a data center. You may obtain online quotes by completing a form on the company website. ITAMG will pick up your equipment and transport it to a warehouse. it also offers hard drive data removal services. the company is headquartered in Plainview, New York.

Atlanta Computer Systems

ACS buys equipment from businesses and individual computer owners. it is willing to pick up and transport most computers. the company website offers online price quotes. an advantage of using ACS is that they also purchase monitors, scanners, printers, parts, telephones and networking equipment. As the name suggests, this company is based in Georgia. it has remained in business since 1987.

Computers 4 Rent

This company offers computer rental services to customers in West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton. They also buy used computers, monitors and parts from people and small businesses in Florida. They purchase desktop and notebook computers that work or need repair. considering that they also rent out printers and fax machines, C4R may purchase these items as well.

Local Repair Shops

Most towns and cities have at least one used computer store or repair shop. Many of these shops do not advertise that they buy computers, and some don’t even have websites. However, it is worthwhile to contact the nearest computer shop and ask if they will buy your used computers. They might be able to resell the equipment or use it for parts. By selling used computers to a local shop, you can avoid long-distance travel and shipping costs.

Local Pawn Shops

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that pawn shops offer a convenient way to sell used computers locally. Many pawn shops buy functional computer systems and valuable accessories, such as flat-panel monitors and laser printers. unlike other computer buyers, pawn brokers will return your items if you pay them back with interest. However, most shops offer comparatively small payments for used computer equipment.

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