Undergraduate Focus: Computer networking still at the top

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Research firm IDC forecasted global spending on technology to grow 6.5 per cent this year, after climbing five per cent last year. World-class financial advisor Morgan Stanley advised its clients to start making bets in anticipation of a pickup in technology spending and recommended Cisco, F5 Networks inc and Qualcomm inc. All three are amongst the world’s leading computer networking technology providers.

“Morgan Stanley’s recommendation of three computer networking companies to its clients recently clearly shows that computer networking is still the most prominent technological sector at the moment globally,” says Associate Professor Dr Goi Bok Min, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR). 

As a result the demand for graduates specialising in this area will continue to grow. to cater specifically to the demand for graduates with such skill sets, the faculty, which is located at the Kuala Lumpur campus in Setapak, is offering the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Electronics (Computer Networking) programme.

this four-year programme is a pioneering attempt from UTAR to specifically target this key area and is unique amongst the various engineering programmes on offer at local private and public varsities. It provides an ideal mix of both fundamental theoretical knowledge as well as practical skills in all aspects of computer networking. 

Core subjects include circuit theory, computer architecture, digital electronics, microprocessor systems, network security, network servers, and TCP/IP networks. 

Key components of professional certification exams such as CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) are also included to ensure that students acquire relevant industrial technical competencies. 

Practical skills are further enhanced by having students undergo mandatory industrial training at the end of the third year of study that enables them to understand how these skills are applied in the real world.  this is further enhanced by the undertaking of a final-year project that incorporates the use of all these skill sets.

For more information, visit utar.edu.my

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