What to Do When Your Computer Has a Problem and How to Describe the Issue to an IT Technician

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Viruses, malware, software and hardware problems are all reasons you may need to visit or hire a computer repair or Information Technology (IT) technician. it is important when doing so to be able to accurately communicate the issues that you are having with your system. This short article will help you communicate the key points when you need to speak with a technician as well as show some of the benefits of repairing versus replacing your system.

An important piece of information to keep in mind when you have computer problems is the time you have invested in the computer system setting things up and making it your own. all too often instead of repairing the valuable computer systems that you have become familiar with and that work well, the thought may cross your mind to replace the system due to cost. This is a very false mindset, in fact in most cases the system can be repaired and upgraded to surpass the original speeds of the system and run all of the latest software while having less of an impact on the environment and saving you money

Before calling to hire or bringing your system to a repair technician gather up the information that you may need to describe the problem. This information includes but is not limited to:

  • Error messages on the screen
  • Whether the system is booting into the operating system (usually Windows)
  • If you hear any strange noises coming from the computer system itself
  • The last things that happened or were performed on the computer system before the issue began to occur
  • If there is any unrecognized program that has appeared and what the name is.

It is also a wonderful idea to try to remember when the issues started to occur and if there were any strange things that happened leading up to the problem that you are currently experiencing. For example if the computer started running slow, if you had a strange message show up while you were doing something in particular, a program you normally use did something strange or had an error message appear, etc.

Another thing that will save time and money is to give an accurate history of the problems with the computer system and what repairs you may have attempted or had a friend or acquaintance perform for you to resolve the issue. in general the more information that you can provide to assist your computer technician will provide you with a better, faster, and more cost-effective solution to the issues you are having.

We hope this has assisted you with the decision to get your computer repaired and provided you with the knowledge to do so effectively. thank you and we hope you have a wonderful experience

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