Which Laptop to Buy? 5 Steps to Finding the Best Deal

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Don’t fall for the highly marketed big name brands…like Apple, Dell, Sony, or Samsung. I’m not saying that you won’t find a great deal under those brand names, but many people fall for great ad campaigns, and get a crappy or way-to-expensive computer.

Some people may argue with me, but there are a few brands that, from experience, I would stay away from. first (don’t throw anything at me all you yuppies), steer clear of Apple computers. Yes, Apple is a very trendy brand (and shoot, I love my iPod), but I’ve used a ton of Apple computers over the years, and they all crashed on a regular basis. Apple used to have the graphic advantage, but not anymore. You also can’t buy inexpensive replacement parts, because…well, only one company sells them (guess who).

Here’s a quick example of my last Apple MacBook laptop: several days after my warranty expired, my optical CD drive died. not long afterwards, my power chord died…and guess how much a replacement chord would cost me? $80! Luckily my father-in-law (an electrical engineer) worked on it for a couple hours & fixed it. then, not long afterwards, the battery completely died, and now it only works when plugged in…and if the “cool” magnetic power chord accidently get’s removed, the laptop shuts off in the middle of use.

Let’s just say that I now only use my MacBook when I need to do some end user testing on Safari (Apple’s web browser).

Another brand to avoid is Dell. I’ve used so many dells (my own and at work) that I feel I can pass this judgment. the componants are subpar, but the customer support is worst in the industry. Just trust me.

Sorry about my complaints (I usually try to remain positive), but I want to help you avoid wasting your hard-earned money. Now, this is as far as my experience was able to take me, so my research had to extend to others:

Part of being a “Maven” is knowing where your knowledge is limited, and knowing who to ask for advice. so I made sure that I talked to my friend, Garan Sink. He’s one of the very few cool computer guys out there. You’ll probably have to speak to a nerdy computer guy, but they’re helpful as well. Just make sure that, whoever you speak with, has plenty of experience in IT. Garan is a professional IT guy, where he regularly buys and maintains hundreds of computers for a big company, so I trusted him.If you don’t have a friend like Garan, who can give you up-to-date advice on which laptop specs to look for, take advantage of online forums where guys like Garan hang out in their spare time. so I said, “Garan, will you please help me choose a laptop?” because he’s such a stud, these are the tips that he gave me (some of his tips may be outdated in the future, so do your research):

Shopping is the last, and usually the most gratifying part of choosing the right laptop. I felt like I was armed with some great consumer knowledge (and hopefully you feel that way too), so I hopped back online to narrow down my desired specs. Garan introduced me to a really neat website, called SlickDeals.net, where users post amazing deals that they find in the marketplace. because I was on a time crunch (I had to get my new laptop before my next trip) I wastn’t able to find exactly what I was looking for on SlickDeals (new deals are posted every day, so patience helps), so I searched on Amazon and NewEgg. Click these buttons to shop now:


After all my research, I finally found a great Lenovo laptop computer (very similar to the laptop in the below Amazon link), which was around $560 (right within my budget):

Or you can find it here on NewEgg.com.

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