Why You Cannot NOT Search For Information

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From: SEO Theory – SEO Theory and Analysis Blog – 8:00am – July 24, 2012

Erin Griffith wrote an interesting article for Pando Daily recently bemoaning the recent trend among trendy ecommerce sites to do away with search. That is, if you sign up with these sites they ask you questions and then give you some visual cues to start virtually wandering through their products (maybe by vendor). Product search has been the bane of many a programmer. I was writing product search applications in the 1980s and even with lightning fast processors on powerful mini-computers using keyed-access file structures we struggled to get to the right products and associated information efficiently. there were endless classifiers that you had to prompt users for, and they were often counter clerks in warehouses trying to prompt computer-illiterate people into providing detailed information that was most often only found on product labels (if even there). the need for meta informatio…

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