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Below are some tips of how to speed up your internet connection. Let’s go see what is your current speed.

1. Test your current speed- Point Internet Explorer to after you completed that step, click Internet Speed Test. Click start Test, and then wait for the results, and this can take a while. if you can’t stand the waiting time, then use the old speed test, which is much faster, but will require Java in your system.

2. Reset the Windows Sockets- go to start, then type in “cmd”, and then right click on the first result, and then click run as Administrator. if User Account Control (UAC) appears, click yes. Then type in “netsh winsock reset”, and then hit enter. after a second or two, it will tell you to restart your computer, and do so when it prompts you.

3. Track down what is hogging your Internet- First, and this is a good tip, if you have a lot of computers connected to the internet, well then it is going to slow down more. so if you are not going to use the internet, turn off your wireless adapter, or just disconnect from the network. Okay, to track what is hogging your internet, click start, type in “cmd”, then right click the first result and then select run as Administrator. Then type in “netstat -b 5 > activity.txt”, and then hit enter. after a minute or two hit Control+E on your keyboard to stop tracking. Then open Computer, then double click your Windows hard drive (or SSD), and then double click activity.txt. And that’s how you find what is hogging your internet connection!

4. find the nearest DNS Server- go to Google and search “DNS Benchmark”. Click the first result, and then click Download now. Save it to your computer, and run it. Click on the Nameservers tab, and then click run Benchmark. after a few minutes, locate the fastest DNS server. The shorter each bar is, then the faster the DNS is. Check for the fastest .COM DNS server (blue bar), and then go to the Control Panel, then the Network and Sharing Center, then click Change adapter settings. Right click the adapter you want to set the DNS onto (LAN is a Wired Connection “Local Area Connection” and Wireless is well you know, Wireless) and then click Properties. under Internet Protocol Version 4, select Properties again. Then click Advanced, and then go to the DNS tab. if any DNS servers are listed there, remove them from the list. Then click OK. The click “Use the following DNS server addresses. Then type in the fastest DNS server, and then the next fastest internet server below. Doesn’t really matter which order you go in. 

DISCLAIMER: This tip is only for your reference. please use it at your own discretion.

Okay, that’s it for today. I hoped you liked this tip! And a secret: I am making another post today! look above!

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