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Bargain Superhero answers:

I have to disagree here, the tracking cookies on your computer are not related to affiliate sales. Your commissions are tracked via links (i.e ‘hoplinks’ on Clickbank). whether or not you get commissions from someone buying a product through that link is entirely unrelated to any data/program on your personal computer. Otherwise if you turned your computer off you wouldn’t get affiliate commissions..

The purpose of tracking cookies are only to store small amounts of information from websites you use. for example log ins, sign in status, previously submitted information. here is an article:

If I’m wrong I very much apologize, but I do not believe that your internet security program could have any effect on your affiliate earnings.

EDIT: Sorry – I think you are getting confused, when someone visits a sales page via an affiliate link a tracking cookie is kept on their computer so that any time they click on the product again within 60 days you still get the sale as the affiliate. But this relates to cookies on the buyer’s PC, not the cookies on your own PC.

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